Oil Paintings

Laoise started out as an Oil painter. Although she also uses Acrylics and Watercolour, Oils will always be her first medium of choice. Laoise's paintings have been described as sensual, colourful and will bring any room to life. Click the button to see her gallery of Oil Paintings.

  • Nature Inspired
  • Colourful, Vibrant and Full of Energy
  • Painted from the heart.
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Acrylic Paintings

Acrylics....What can I say Fun Fun Fun. Laoise finds she can express the fun side of art throught the use of Acrylics. Her Acrylics Gallery is full of energy, vibrancy, colour and of course fun. These paintings can be hung anywhere from a modern kitchen looking for a burst of colour to a childs bedroom.

  • Fun, Fun, Fun...
  • Youth Inspired Pictures
  • Expressive and Lively
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Watercolours and Ink

Water colours and Ink on Fabriano Paper. These are a very unique style of painting. Laoise specialises in shoe portraits but can adapt this style to any subject. Each one is absolutly unique and can not be duplicated. Although she has some stock these are usually done on commision.

  • Unique Style of Painting
  • Shoe Portraits (For all Occassions)
  • Make the Perfect Gift
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Archived Art

In this gallery is a selection of Laoise's Art that was commissioned or sold. Pictures in this Gallery are no longer available to buy. Enjoy browsing and thank you for visting ww.laoise.com.

  • Commissions Accepted
  • All of these have found good homes
  • Thank you for Visiting the website
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